Saturday, 6 July 2013

Wish, Want, Need.

It's ok to build an entire outfit around a clutch bag right? I've been obsessed with the minimalistic gorgeousness of Givenchy's pouches ever since I saw Charlotte from The Fashion Guitar styling her black one to perfection (see here and here). Harrods recently had a Summer preview sale so I seized the moment and snapped up the blue version (seen below) at 30% off. I literally got the last one in stock and although I bought it online, the very kind lady on the e-commerce team raced to the shop floor to pick it up for me - thank you Harrods!

Now I've got the bag, this is the look I've been dreaming about to go with it. 
Leather shorts are a city staple and I love this silver pair from OAK. Team them with a luxurious, silk shirt from Equipment and a pair of simple strap sandals like these from Alexander Wang and you are summer-ready. Add a pair of Erdem shades and an iconic skull bracelet from McQueen and you are, quite frankly, too cool for school in my eyes. Ahh, 1 piece down, 5 to go!

Antigona large pouch/Givenchy, Reese striped silk shirt/Equipment, Metallic leather shorts/Oak,
Silver skull bracelet/Alexander McQueen, Cat eye sunglasses/Erdem, Antonia leather sandals/Alexander Wang

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Monday, 27 May 2013

Monaco via Instagram.

After watching the Monaco Grand Prix yesterday, it reminded me that I still needed to do a little Instagram round up from our recent trip there. The below photos should just give you a snapshot of what we got up to :) If you want to read more about what to do in Monaco then click here or here for Parts 1 & 2 of my travel guide.
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Our adventure started right here at Giraffe in Heathrow Airport, T5. We were eased into our 5am start with the help of some scrummy avocado and scrambled eggs.

Here I am checking out the potential nightlife as soon as we arrived! It was my birthday after all...

My dad organised for this to be delivered to the room after we returned from our first little explore. Such a treat!

Here he is! The little rascal trying to blow out my birthday candle in Maya Bay. Oooh no you don't. Stick to your coconut dim sum and chocolate sauce and no-one gets hurt ;)
You can read more about this amazing restaurant here or check out their website.

A late night stroll after dinner brought us to Casino Square where all the buildings (including the casino which you can see here) look like palaces. So pretty! 

Here are a couple of ridiculous looking fish which can be found in the Oceanographic Museum in Monaco-ville. If tropical fish were fashion designers, here we have Peter Pilotto and Roberto Cavalli ;)

 Enjoying a Bellini or two on our last night in town!

See the big red door? That's the entrance to Buddha Bar. I love how it's located in this magical park surrounded by greenery and twinkling lanterns. You would not get that in London :)

 On our last day before flying back in the evening, we stopped at Bar Americain (in the lobby of Hotel de Paris) for lunch. They brought me a plate of macaroons to accompany my post-lunch mint tea. How could I refuse!? This one was raspberry flavour, an exquisite little thing with a gooey centre. Delicious!

Ahh back to the real world now. Did anyone watch the Monaco Grand Prix yesterday?

If you want to get more of an insight into life in Monaco, you have to check out By Celina - a fantastic blog written by a gorgeous girl who currently splits her time between Monaco and London. She also has an insane wardrobe and a cute little pomeranian that often features in her posts.

Now I'm off to make the most of the sunshine on this Bank Holiday Monday! Hope you're all having a good day xx

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Friday, 24 May 2013

Green with envy.

I've gone a little colour crazy here but you'll have to forgive me as it's all in aid of showcasing a new handbag. Drumroll please....say hello to my new bucket bag from Alexander Wang. As well as this special addition to my wardrobe, I've got the camera fixed and BOOM here we are back in business with the outfit posts. Ta-dah!

We were taking pictures in the park when this super retro Aston Martin just breezed on by.  I have no idea how old it is but I love the metallic green and it clearly matches the bag ;) 

Ok I realise I'm dressed like a box of Quality Streets but I think the jewel tones are quite good together. Plus, the purple and green ones are my faves anyway so who really cares?

Back to the bag. I'm pretty obsessed with it. I've wanted a Wang bucket bag ever since they first came out in black and grey and it was a tough call deciding which colour to go for. Initially I wanted the grey with the rose gold studs, then I wanted the mink shade, but finally I saw this baby in emerald green and thought what the hell. It was the last one in Harrods so we snapped it up pretty sharpish.

The blazer is an H&M number from last year and part of a "short suit" combo. I definitely want to sport that again when/if the weather gets warmer. The leopard v-neck is new in at Zara and the jeans are also Zara. Sunglasses are Prada. Happy Friday! xx


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Sunday, 12 May 2013

When in Monaco...Part II

Hopefully you will have seen my previous post about my recent trip to Monaco. Here is the second part of the story...
See below for more ideas of what to do in this glamorous principality, including more places to eat, drink and explore :)

Let's start by doing something silly...

Pretend to be in the market for a super car.
"So I'm thinking about upgrading the Ferrari... a McLaren. Scissor doors are just way more functional."

Have a flutter in the Casino.
No cameras are allowed inside but you can't visit Monaco without having a look around the casino. Far from the flashy, blingy madness of Vegas, the casino here was calm, serene and actually quite quiet. The building itself is stunning, both inside and out so I ordered a hot chocolate and admired the architecture whilst Chris tried his luck at Black Jack.

Explore the entire principality in search of the perfect hotel breakfast
We actually failed miserably at this mainly because we kept waking up too late but we gave it a go and it was a novel way of exploring all the ridiculous hotels! Here I am looking slightly grumpy outside the Fairmont...probably because they didn't have any granola.
In this picture I'm wearing:

Thankfully, we had plenty of coffee pit stops along the way...
In this picture I'm wearing:
MONICA VINADER RING (on my left hand)

Visit the Japanese Garden.
Located next to the famous tunnel on Avenue Princesse Grace (which was up until quite recently the most expensive street to live on in the world) is Monaco's Japanese Garden. Lush greenery, gushing waterfalls and cute little bridges make this the perfect spot for a touristy photo or two.

Visit the Oceanographic Museum.
Tucked away behind an amazing chocolate shop up in Monaco-Ville, the Oceanographic Museum and Aquarium can be found. It's certainly a step up from the Sea Life Centre, just check out these beauties...

Have late night cocktails in Bar Americain.
Bar Americain is located in the lobby of the Hotel de Paris (widely regarded as the top hotel in Monaco). The service is outstanding, the waiters are all bilingual, the cocktail menu is out of this world and if you're lucky, their glamorous house band will come on at about midnight to keep you entertained, doing covers of everything from Maroon 5 to Aretha Franklin.

I'm wearing:

It is also worth checking out Buddha Bar for cocktails and dancing and Le Tip Top for scrummy pizzas and friendly service. Don't leave without checking out the super yachts on the marina and obviously the beach if you're visiting during the summer months.

Next up is an Instagram post from my time there so keep a look out for that and if you haven't already seen Part I, click here.

Happy Weekend and thanks for visiting! xx

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Monday, 6 May 2013

When in Monaco...Part I

For my birthday this year, the boyfriend and I flew to the glitzy home of tax-avoiding businessmen, professional gamblers and retired racing drivers for a few days. Sounds weird but we wanted to do something different and I had the most amazing memories of Monte-Carlo from when I went as an F1 obsessed teenager so we packed our bags (mine considerably heavier than his) and off we went.

If you want to get away for a long weekend but don't fancy the hustle and bustle of a full-on city such as Paris or New York, Monaco is a cool option. It's certainly not a City but there is enough to do for a few days and if your idea of a mini-break is lots of exploring broken up by coffee breaks, cocktail-stops and slap up meals then this French principality is the perfect choice.

I decided to break these posts up into "Things to do" so if you're thinking of visiting, you will hopefully get a few ideas...

One thing to note is that the price of going out wasn't as sickeningly expensive as we expected - bonus! Yes we ate out the whole time (as you do on holiday) and yes we treated ourselves but we didn't really pay more than you would for a top meal out in London. We were initially shocked at the price of a gin and tonic in the Cafe de Paris but once it arrived, we understood why. The glass was three-quarters gin, one quarter tonic.

So here we go...Hope you enjoy xx

Visit Casino Square.
The first thing to do upon arriving is to head straight to the centre of Monaco. Grab a coffee and sit on the veranda of Cafe de Paris and watch the world go by. Even outside of high season, there are plenty of glamorous types swanning around to spy on.

Explore the F1 circuit.
If, like me, the soundtrack to your Sundays consists of F1 cars whizzing around, then getting the chance to walk around a street circuit that you've seen on TV is pretty cool. Here I am overlooking the famous hairpin bend (the slowest corner in Formula 1, taken at around 29mph on average).

...OR play that well known game of "don't let her go into any designer stores". Window shopping can be fun too :)

"Admire" the locals.
Apologies for the quality but look at this sight. The coat, the dog, the pram...need I say more? Only in Monaco.

Eat Japanese at Maya Bay.
Maya Bay is a really popular restaurant in Monaco and takes bookings late into the evening. Whatever time of night you go, you are guaranteed to be caught up in the buzzing atmosphere. The restaurant is actually split in two, half Japanese, half Thai. I LOVE sushi so we opted for a Japanese meal on the night of my birthday. Here I am blowing out the candle on my mango sorbet which accompanied some chocolate filled sweet spring rolls. We sampled a serious chunk of the menu, the highlight of which being the black cod. Highly recommended! We tried to book in on our last night to sample the Thai menu...sadly they were full but I'm taking that as more of a reason to go back!
Stay tuned for Part II...

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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Wish, Want, Need.

Well, hello there sunshine! I don't want to speak too soon but I think Spring could actually be on the way. That means skin needs to be buffed and bronzed and talons need to be painted. This is the perfect outfit to showcase your inner "Spring-ready babe" - you know the one that comes out to play when the weather gets a bit warmer. Goodbye winter woolies, hello bare legs! 

Here's a little outfit I've been dreaming about. Both tops are beautiful Stella McCartney creations. For evening, I would wear the black jumper alone (as worn by the model) and for day I would wear the top with a cropped blazer thrown over the top. The grey boots and hat are just enough of a nod to the transitional season (i.e. not quite throwing oneself into summer just yet) and are neatly contrasted by the bright coral, neon leather skirt by Milly. Finally, no outfit of mine would be complete without jewellery so this chunky link bracelet is the answer to my never-ending craving for rose gold.

Links are below if anything has caught your eye...:) Here's to hoping that the snow doesn't come is April after all!

Printed T-shirt/Stella McCartney, Wide-brimmed fedora/Saint Laurent, Wool and silk jumper/Stella McCartney
Rose gold plated ID bracelet/Marc by Marc Jacobs, Neon leather pencil skirt/Milly, Manifest Boot/All Saints

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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

My favourite fashion bloggers.

 I remember the very first time I stumbled upon The Blonde Salad. 
"Fashion blogging? What is this?? Oh my god, she's got Cartier Love bangles and Isabel Marant shoes and..."
 I was gripped. 
I trawled through Chiara's archive (for what felt like hours) making mental notes of what she wore in different cities around the world, on the beach, to a house party... 
If you're still with me, you're probably thinking "Sophie, you're a saddo, get a life" but honestly, this is the nature of reading blogs...they become addictive. And it isn't just me. I've spoken to a few friends and we're all amazed that something has actually replaced the Daily Mail Online, giving us our daily dose of glamour, escapism and most

SO, I thought it was about time I did a little post on the bloggers that I love. 
There are all sorts of different fashion bloggers out there. In this post, I'm focussing purely on the type that post regularly (mostly daily) about what they're wearing. There are a gazillion others that I follow but these are the girls I look to for daily doses of inspiration. On the whole, they mostly mix high street with designer so they aren't completely unobtainable :) BONUS.

For: A completely eclectic mix of fashion. Sometimes preppy, sometimes couture and getting more and more eccentric I swear...
Think: A young Anna Dello Russo.

For: Practical but beautiful fashion. She mostly wears high street separates with the occasional Acne boot. Lots of Zara.
Think: Girl next door. A brunette Sienna Miller.

For: Glossy, well put-together "ensembles". Always preened to perfection and in Louboutins. Insane collection of hats.
Think: A cross between Lauren Conrad and Victoria Beckham.

For: Hippie Aussie cool. Model off-duty. And those legs.
Think: Gemma Ward.

For: Young, affordable and eclectic fashion. Scandinavian blonde bombshell.
Think: A young Diane Kruger.

For: LA nonchalance. Beanies, prints, Isabel Marant and Celine.
Think: An uber glossy Jessica Alba.

For: Actual sex on legs. High street Goddess often found in Jeffrey Campbell shoes. Great hair and make up too.
Think: A 90's supermodel beauty i.e. Cindy Crawford.

The easiest way to keep track of these lovely ladies is by following them on Bloglovin. If you're not familiar with this amazing platform (it stores all your favourite blogs in one place), I would recommend clicking here and creating an account pronto!
If it's me you fancy following...well thank you!...please click below... :)

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